Wagyu Beef Bone In Rib Roast '11 POUNDS'

Wagyu RibRoast Wagyu RibRoast

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Gather up your friends, fire up the grill & indulge yourselves in the best roast on the planet – Our Kobe Style Rib Roast Steak is totally irresistible and unbelievably tasty. It’s perfectly marbled to lock in those succulent juices, hence giving it that mouthwatering flavor that simply out of this world! Give your taste buds a jolt of excitement today with our exotic Kobe Style rib roast steak…

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An irresistible and prominent feature at any special event, our Kobe Style Rib Roast Steak is a crowd puller guaranteed to turn a rather ordinary event into an extra-ordinary gathering. This premium beef cut is loved by many for its succulent taste, unbelievably tender & juicy meat as well as its heat pulsating flavor. Combine the succulence and delicate laciness of the rib eye steak with the abundant size of a roast and swirl in and unequaled flavor reputation of Wagyu beef and the result is the irresistible Rib roast Steak. Each precious rib roast piece is carved out from the ribs closest to the chuck and is expertly marbled to lock in all those irresistible natural juices for that unforgettable mouthwatering experience – each precious bite into this tender cut will leave you salivating for more! Commonly referred to as the king of all roasts, our Kobe Style rib roast is a class above the rest; No other rib roast is as tasty, tender & flavorful as our Kobe Style rib roast steak. Our rib roast cuts come from 100% natural Wagyu beef cattle raised in an all natural setting – There are totally no antibiotics or hormones administered to these cows and they are fed and raised purely on fresh water, additive free grass & good clean air. So if you are thinking about the perfect beef roast that will satisfy the meanest of appetites and leave everyone happy, then think Kobe Style rib roast. Trust us; you will be glad you did…. If you have any questions or comments please use the contact us or call us at (845) 520-6948.

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